Kids'Skills for Parents - Video Course
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Kids'Skills for Parents - Video Course


Five essential parenting skills


Dr Ben Furman introduces the five most important skills every parent or caretaker of children needs.

The topics discussed are the same as those covered in Ben Furman's book "I am proud of you" which,  in turn, is based on a five session parenting program called "Kids'Skills for Parents and other caretakers of children".


For whom?

  • parents
  • grandparents
  • teachers
  • other caretakers of children


What you get?

  • 42 lessons on parenting
  • more than 2 hours of video lectures with Ben
  • practical advice and exercises
  • chat discussions on useful topics


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Ben Furman

Ben Furman - Psychiatrist, Coach

Dr Furman is a psychiatrist and internationally renowned trainer of solution-focused therapy and coaching. 

He has developed Kids’Skills, a method that helps children overcome problems by learning skills with the support of their families and frie

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